Sleeping bag Defence 5 Extreme GLT SRVV®
Sleeping bag Defence 5 Extreme GLT SRVV®
Sleeping bag Defence 5 Extreme SRVV®
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SRVV Defence 5 Extreme - high-tech, lightweight sleeping bag with extreme small size in packed condition and with minimum weight. It is packed in compression bag that can give you a possibility to reduce a volume of the sleeping bag in all directions.
Two-way zipper allows you to quickly open the sleeping bag in a critical situation.
Length of the sleeping bag 208 cm for body height till 190 cm
Shoulder width 85 cm
Foot end width 60 cm
Size of the sleeping bag in the compression bag 26 õ 47 ñì cm
Size of the sleeping bag in the compression bag compressed 23 õ 38 cm

●Temperature (Standard EN 13537):
Comfort temperature - 19 Ñ
Extreme temperature - 37 Ñ

Defence 5 Extreme sleeping bag can combined with Defence 2 sleeping bag.
If you combine Defence 5 Extreme with Defence 2, comfort temperature will be -35 C.

Please note that the comfort temperature depends and can vary from weather conditions: wind, humidity, altitude, and human condition.
Materials used:
● Shell fabric: windproof 100% polyamide microfiber 6.6 density of 55g / m2, the type of weave ripstop
● Insulation: g loft 2 layers of LUT/gLoft 170 Termo,Made in Carinthia Austria.
● YKK® zipper
● ITW Nexus® plastic buckles

Internal insulation: Non-woven polypropylene, coated with aluminum to reflect heat radiation Synthetic 100% polyester microfiber with a helical molecular memory covered with silicone anti-adherent, in the free state 1 gram occupies a volume of 320 cc. After compression, the fiber molecule remember its shape and returns to its original helical fiber condition. Because of this, after prolonged use this insulation does not lose its heat insulation properties.
Internal insulation - is a bicomponent fiber consisting of two different types of raw esters, woven together into a single complex fiber. One of the yarns has a greater ability to reduce after spinning. Through this special process the helicity of the fiber is programmed at the molecular level, creating the effect of memory.
The fiber has a micro voids extending through the fiber. Since air is a poor conductor, creates the same effect as in a thermos, where the heat is insulated by an air gap.
Thermal insulation thermal conductivity method EN 31092 - 0.436 m2.KW-1

Weight: 2055 g

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