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VELCRO - fastener "Velcro" with a minimum number of operations 10000 cycles. VELCRO - the most famous brand in the world, coming from the inventor of the hook & loop in 1959, on the basis of the plant "thistle".
We use only original hook & loop VELCRO
Georges de Mestral
History of Velcro fasteners began June 19, 1907, when in a small town under the Lausanne Colombière was born in a family of engineers, Georges de Mestral. Already in 12 years he has developed a toy airplane and patented it. He enrolled at the Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne, successfully graduated in 1930.

After graduation, he joined the engineering company, where he worked in the machine shop. One day in 1941, after returning from a hunting trip with his dog in the Alps, George, took off thistles from his dog's fur, he was curious how it works. He examined them under a microscope, through which he saw the tiny hooks, with the help of their heads clung to the coat. So de Mestral had the idea of hook and loop Velcro. In its implementation the engineer took years of trial and error, as a result of which the inventor realized that the best thing to do Velcro nylon.

In 1955, de Mestral was finally able to patent his invention. The first textile fasteners began to be used by astronauts, divers and skiers. Eventually Velcro have proliferated, becoming a normal part of everyday clothing and footwear.

Having lived a long and eventful life, George, died in February 1990 in Komyuni in Switzerland, where he was buried. In his honor posthumously, municipality named the Prospect.

In 1999 he was inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame for his invention of Velcro. And still Velcro company is a leader in the production of fasteners, with excellent quality, unbeatable number of positives and exceptional reliability.

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