New digital camouflage SURPAT« (Survival Pattern) with newáshades of colors was developed by our company SURVIVAL CORPS« (╩ţ­´ˇ˝ ÔűŠŔÔÓÝŔ «) in cooperation with the Russian Special Forces instructors.
The decision to develop came in connection with the dissatisfaction with various camouflage patterns, which were either too dark or light and could not meet the need to have one universal camouflage and look modern.

We selected colors with a predominance of gray for the city, green and brown for the forest, brown and gray for the steppe and gray and black for the mountains. Virtual drawing and shades of colors are adjusted to any terrain, allowing to remain invisible to the enemy. Our colors and pattern are able to camouflage in very wide range, compared to other colors more specialized to a specific locality.

SURPAT« in the infrared spectrum

NIR-colors are selected with different absorption and reflection in the near infrared spectrum (600-860 nm). Material tests were conducted in the American laboratory. Material from 2011 camouflages in the near infrared.


The pattern, shades and combination of colors are protected by patents granted to us in Russia, the USA and Europe. Copying will be prosecuted.

Name SURPAT« is a registered trademark in Russia, the USA and Europe.
SURPAT« is officially used by Russian special forces.

SURPAT« Is a registered trademark owned by Survival Corps Russia.

SURPAT« Was developed in Russia.

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